About Us

Endurance: The Ability to Overcome Challenges and Sustain Success

At Endurance eXp, we redefine endurance. We are the catalyst for businesses to conquer challenges and achieve sustainable success. With our innovative solutions and expert guidance, we empower businesses of all sizes and industries to surpass their goals. Founded in 2023, we embody the true essence of endurance and deliver results.

Multiple Interpretations of eXp

The "eXp" in our name has been deliberately chosen to have multiple interpretations, each representing a core aspect of our business:

Tailored Solutions for Unique Businesses 

At Endurance eXp, we recognize that every business is unique with their own distinct strengths and challenges. That's why we offer tailored solutions designed to meet the specific needs and goals of each client we serve. We combine industry best practices, data-driven insights, and innovative digital technologies to help businesses unlock their full potential.

Meet Ann Whittington

Ann Whittington, MBA, is the founder and principal of Endurance eXp Consulting. As a seasoned business strategy and operations leader, Ann's experience spans various domains, including sales, marketing, talent acquisition, finance functions, and small business ownership. Leveraging her diverse skill set and unique perspective, she offers a comprehensive range of services to empower organizations and drive success.